The first time I got in touch with Java EE was around 2003 - at that time it was called J2EE. I wrote my first Java based web applications on Apache Tomcat like many of us did. Later, when I moved on to EJB etc, I used JBoss. Even today JBoss is using Tomcat internally. I really liked programming on JBoss but I also have to confess that I did not use anything else before. Then found out about Glassfish in 2006 after I read an article in a German computer magazine. I felt the first steps were really easy and I really liked the administration of the Glassfish server via the web based Admin GUI. Before I used Glassfish I switched from Eclipse IDE to the Netbeans IDE (today I use both Eclipse and Netbeans). Since Netbeans offered a great Glassfish integration I started developing with the combination of Netbeans and Glassfish. Although I never made any performance tests I would never say that Glassfish is slower than JBoss and vice versa.

These are only my personal impressions. I don't want to step into any discussions such as:

  • Is Glassfish better than JBoss?
  • Is Eclipse better than Netbeans?
  • Is Glassfish faster than JBoss?
  • ...

The best ones are always "C++ is better than Java" or "Java is better than C++". In my opinion these kind of discussions do not help anyone of us at all! Unfortunately, I had to face such discussions in the past. The lesson I learned is never to discuss about stuff like that again. You can use anything as long as you feel comfortable with it and as long as it matches the requirements best. As a software engineer you have to be open for new technologies, frameworks, languages, tools etc. I give my best to fulfill that.

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