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SAP is Europe's largest software company. The SAP headquarters are located only 30 minutes from the city of Mannheim, Germany. SAP business applications help companies all around the world to be even more successful. nabisoft can help companies to cope with the latest SAP technologies such as SAPUI5, SAP Gateway, ABAP development and soon SAP HANA.


BMW is a premium German automobile company based in Munich, Germany. As a global player BMW is considered as one of the most innovative car companies world wide. IT at BMW is as modern and innovative as their cars are.

Deutsche Börse Group

The Deutsche Börse Group is Germany's largest operator of trading platforms for derivatives and other securities (Eurex, Xetra etc.). The operation, development and maintenance of the trading platforms is a mission critical task.

Deutsche Bank

The Deutsche Bank is a Germany's largest banking and financial services company based in Frankfurt, Germany - Europe's capital banking. As a global player in banking the company uses different technology stacks to cope with the frequently changing markets.