My name is Seyed Nabiollah Mir Hosseini Zamani, to make it easier but also sufficient you can use Nabi Zamani.

As "nabisoft" I present myself to the public on my website as well as a freelancer to my clients. As a software engineer with a Master degree (MSc) and with professional experience in IT consulting and Software Engineering, I offer myself as an external supplier of IT services to support my client's IT projects.

Together with my family I emigrated at the age of 3 years from Iran to Germany. In Germany my residences so far were Heidelberg, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, Obrigheim (Pfalz) and Mannheim - where I moved at the age of sixteen into an own apartment. After my graduation I've decided to study computer science in Mannheim. I have successfully completed my studies with a Bachelor of Science and afterwards with a Master of Science. During my studies I also spent time abroad at the University of Maryland (USA). I gained experience in internationally well known companies. After graduation I have decided to work as an IT consultant for a Swiss consulting company. Finally, I decided in 2009 to continue my freelance work as well as obtaining another Master of Science degree, but this time in Business Computer Science (Business Informatics). However, my freelance work as an IT consultant clearly has a higher priority.

For more details please see my CV which I would like to offer on request.

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